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Take 5
Digital Art Source-Take 5 Interviews Digital Art Source is taking five. Five questions to five people who are showing up on our radar. Some have been here from the beginning, some have recently hit the scene. We ask the same first question to each person by email and the remaining four questions are unique.
1.Kinya Hanada
2.Beryl Graham of CRUMB
3.Bradley Wester
4.Carlos J. Gomez de Llarena
5.Vicente Razo
Digital Mentors
Bergsonism by Gilles DeleuzeDigital Art Source invited a group of international artists, curators and theorists of new media art to recommend a text (or group of texts) and other resources for students.Our thanks to the participants...  read more
Image:Bergsonism, by Gilles Deleuze, Hugu Tomlinson (translator), Barbara Habberjam (translator), Zone Books
Sense, Memory and Media
image by Vicente Razo from "..-. ..- -.-. -.- -.-- --- ..-" 2002At a time when art made with digital media is everywhere, the discourse for describing it’s qualities has yet to be firmly established. The evolution and history of new media art has recently been well grounded, but further description of the moment of creation and reception of it’s effect and a conceptual framework defining the distinct qualities of that effect are necessary to advances in it’s critical analysis...  read more
image by Vicente Razo from "..-. ..- -.-. -.- -.-- --- ..-" 2002

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essentials dv filmmaking
The moving image is everywhere; in art, television, cinema, advertising and on the web. If you have something to say these days, you have to know how to manipulate moving imagery. Start here:
Digital Art Source did the research and we recommend Canon Mini DV camcorders.
Canon GL2 MiniDV Digital Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom or Canon XL2 3-CCD MiniDV Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom
For DV editing and production, these are the new industry standards
Everyone has a few tips to give and they will always save you time.
Do your research.
Digital Filmmaking 101: An Essential Guide to Producing Low-Budget Movies
Understanding Movies
Film Art: An Introduction
The IFILM Digital Video Filmmaker's Handbook
Basics of Video Lighting
Placing Shadows, Lighting Techniques for Video Production
Producing Great Sound for Digital Video

essentials books
New Selections:
The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory (Philosophy of Mind Series)
The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
Envisioning Information
Visual Explanations : Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative
Previously recommended:
The Digital Dialectic : New Essays on New Media
Technoromanticism : Digital Narrative, Holism, and the Romance of the Real
The Robot in the Garden: Telerobotics and Telepistemology in the Age ofthe Internet
Robo sapiens Evolution of a New Species
Minds, Machines and the Multiverse : The Quest for the Quantum Computer
The Bit and the Pendulum: How the New Physics of Information isRevolutionizing Science
Godel Meets Einstein : Time Travel in the Godel Universe
Paradigms Regained : A Further Exploration of the Mysteries of ModernScience
Virtual Futures : Cyberotics, Technology and Post-Human Pragmatism
Times of the Technoculture: From the Information Society to the VirtualLife (Comedia)
Electronic Culture : Technology & Visual Representation
Digital Filmmaking, The Changing Art and Craft of Making Motion Pictures
The Art of Digital Audio
Cyberpalette: A Digital Step-By-Step Guide
Pause :59 Minutes of Motion Graphics : Broadcast Design, Music Video, Animation, and Experimental Graphics from Around the World
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Digital Photography
Algorithms for Image Processing and Computer Vision
The Avid Digital Editing Room Handbook
Basic Digital Electronics
Becoming Virtual : Reality in the Digital Age
Being Digital
Design Rules: The Power of Modularity
>> Pixel Gallery

Toronto Digital Art Association and Pixel Gallery

Website -- http://www.pixelgallery.org
Showcasing immersive works by Zack Booth Simpson, Digital Print works by Magda and other feature artists

>> The Screeners Club Movie Series: Open Call for Submissions of Digital Video Work

The Screeners Club is a new, twice-monthly independent movie series offering digital moviemakers an immediate venue at which to screen their work.
Currently, screenings take place in the casual, lounge environment of Level X on North 6th Street, off of Bedford Avenue in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Participants can feel comfortable showing a wide range of work from documentaries and fictional shorts, to music videos and experimental pieces.
As an added benefit, the twice monthly series will be judged by a diverse panel of representatives from the entertainment industry, culminating each month with an award for "Screeners Club Movie of the Month."
Submissions are open and ongoing and all genres and lengths are considered.
Screenings are through video projection.
Additionally, all moviemakers who screen their work will be included in the Screeners Club online database with the option of having a streaming video clip (web video) and/or CD-Rom version of their work produced.
This is one more way to support the moviemaking community. The database will be used to help promote the work of participants even after their work has screened.
Deadline: On-going
Send VHS submissions to: The Screeners Club, c/o Steve Lee, P.O. Box 1174, Peter Stuyvesant P.O., New York, NY 10009-1174
For additional information, contact: info@screenersclub.com or visit www.screenersclub.com
The Screeners Club movie series runs the 1st Wednesday of every month, 7-9 pm There is no cover charge.
# # #
The Screeners Club next dates are:
Check the Screeners Club website for next showing date
Location: 327 Bowery, between 2nd and 3rd Streets
New York, NY

>> The Experimental TV Center offers multiple funding opportunities to electronic media artists.

The Experimental Television Center provides support to electronic media and film artists and organizations in New York State to encourage creative work; to facilitate the exhibition of moving-image and sound art to audiences in all regions of the State; and to strengthen organizations with active media programs. Since 1989 we have awarded over $750,000 to organizations and artists. The program is made possible with support from the New York State Council on the Arts.
For information contact: The Experimental TV Center, 109 Lower Fairfield Road, Newark Valley, NY 13811
phone 607-687-4341, email etc@experimentaltvcenter.org or visit www.experimentaltvcenter.org

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